Villa Lake Constance

Luxury real estate, Switzerland

offered with discretion

Land area 7,400 m2

Year of construction 2002
Building cubature 8'884 m3

Entrance floor 3'076 m3
Garden level 3'059 m3
Upstairs 1,620 m3
Attic 839 m3
Roof, floor 290 m3
Outbuildings with approximately 10 parking spaces and technical rooms
Connecting building with swimming pool, lakeside terrace and storage rooms



This luxury property offers a fantastic view over Lake Constance. With this villa, regarding room layout and building quality, no wish is unfullfield.
A great entree with cut glass and tranquil tones, a grand fireplace room, a library, a sun room, dining room and office are also part of this exceptional villa, like a wine cellar and a large kitchen.
The upstairs area rooms offer a wonderful view on the lake and are all come with a bath and some even with a fireplace. This rooms may be used as guest quarters or for business.

Negotiating price:
25'000'000.00 CHF (incl. Furniture with many individual pieces)