Sale of your real estate

Do you want to sell your real estate?
Gladly we offer you our full service and our discretion.

Chose between aktive and passive selling

If chose active selling, you can place with us an exclusive selling order for 3, 6 or 12 months. In that time we care for the sale of your object from A to Z.
We produce sales flyers, contact potential customer, plan the sales actions, perform visit of the sites and look after your interested party. The same way we advise you in the importance of tax questions.


Commission: a sales commission is due, when your object is sold by us. In case we did not sell the object, you will have no further expenses but the earlier agreed advertising cost.
The commission mounts from 2 % to 5 % of the selling price.


The advertising cost for the first campaign in the first 2 months come up to CHF 1.500,-- to CHF 2.000,--.
Further campaigns will be discussed with you.
The layout of the ads will be made by us and given to you for approval.

Internet: The presentation of your object in the internet is free of charge, if you have chosen active selling.


Reporting: currently you will receive reports about our sales activities concerning your object, as well as information about the interested parties. Of course we are always reachable for you via phone.