Pre opening Management

Each owner and architect is strongly recommended a "pre-opening-experienced" management in the financing and construction to relate with one.

A good pre-opening-management costs nothing:

A good Preopeningmanagement costs nothing. It's paid off alone by avoiding design errors in construction failors and subsequent operational area itself.

An experienced Pre-opening-hotelier can quickly see which planning errors
later can lead to severe operating procedures and costs.

These corrections can later involve guests and employees turnovers and
thus help avoid lost sales and personnel costs.

Influencing the cost

His corrections can affect not only the follow-up costs but also the cost of construction significantly.
The energy consumption can be substantially reduced by its use.

The procurement of furniture, the machinery and the entire inventory is cheaper and more efficient.
A professional business and financial plan helps a successful Financing.

The marketing and sales activities can be started already during the planning and construction phase.